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Who are we?

Who are we?

Are you looking for suitable packaging to pack your product firmly? If so, welcome to our site!

For over 50 years, we have lived up to our reputation as a client-friendly supplier of packaging in corrugated cardboard.

We produce tailor-made corrugated cardboard packaging with or without print.
Our own design department is adept at developing specific packaging and buffers.

With a built-up surface area of 55000m² and a strategic location in West Flanders, Kartonnage Lefevere- Beel can serve clients in Belgium and neighbouring countries very quickly.

We have about 60 types and grades of corrugated cardboard boxes permanently in stock so that we can produce items flexibly in accordance with specific client requirements and deliver them just in time.

Why Kartonnage Lefevere-Beel?
Good price-quality ratio – our own design department with creative ideas.
We supply all standard grades from our stock and produce packaging in all possible shapes, sizes, and grades.

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After a briefing with the client, our design team provides a tailor-made solution with due regard for the application, the grade, and, obviously, the budget. Kartonnage Lefevere-Beel offers you the solution for your printed or grooved buffers, cut or grooved plates, and boxes in all sizes. We can make a prototype to check whether or not the design meets your requirements.

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All your packaging can be printed with flexo-printing. Once the design has been discussed, the printing can be in one or more than one colour. Even up to four colours are possible in some cases.

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Kartonnage Lefevere-Beel has a high productivity capacity thanks to its extensive machinery. Our qualified staff and structured business operation ensure great flexibility and short delivery periods. The computerised high-bay warehouse offers plenty of scope for storing finished goods.

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It goes without saying that the company takes safety and the environment seriously in all its activities. The company aims to develop a culture of safety which is supported by everyone. The raw materials which are processed consist entirely of recycled fibres and are fully biodegradable. Kartonnage Lefevere-Beel also works actively on recycling those materials. The production is powered partly by green energy produced by solar panels on our buildings.

We make various types of transport packaging. Our packaging can be supplied printed or unprinted in various quantities Depending on the needs of the client. We have standard or tailor-made packaging. The perfect packaging for every product.